Technological Excellence and Uncompromised Performance.

Gloss Black with Diamond Cut Surface Satin Black


The INOVIT Rotor takes its inspiration from tried and tested five spoke designs of the past. This elegant reinvention features ultra-aggressive fitments and our teardrop accenting, making it instantly recognizable as part the INOVOT Prestige range, a hallmark of quality and sophistication. What really sets the Rotor apart from other five spoke wheels, however, is the impressively deep concave rear. Thanks to the ability of our manufacturing team and the unrivalled expertise of INOVIT designers, we’ve succeeded in creating one of the deepest monoblock concave designs on the market.Through the careful refinement of the five-spoke look, the Rotor is set to become one of the industry’s classic designs, from which others are modeled on.


18 X 8.0J 108-120 20 - 45PC·SC5HPC - Performance Concave
18 X 9.0J108-12020 - 40SC·DC5HSC - Standard Concave
19 X 8.5J108-120 20 - 45SC·DC5HDC - Deep Concave
19 X 9.5J108-12020 - 40DC·UC5HUC - Ultra Concave
20 X 9.0J108-120 20 - 45SC·DC5H
20 X 10.5J108-12020 - 40DC·UC5H