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Hyper Silver Diamond Cut Surface Gloss Black Diamond Cut Surface


The INOVIT Revolve is the latest design to grace the Prestige range, bringing cutting edge style and attention to detail to the collection. A unique blend of finesse and simplicity results in strikingly bold design unlike any other on the market today. The precision crafted, teardrop accented spokes that complete the elegant look of the Revolve offer a distinctly high-end feel, making it the perfect accompaniment to any luxury vehicle. Whether installed on a 7 series, S class, Continental GT, Range Rover or Cayenne, the Revolve will be the finishing touch you’re looking for.With a concaved rear in line with today’s trends, we’re confident this wheel will become a mainstay for the high-end automotive market.


19 X 8.5J112-13020 - 45SC·DC5HPC - Performance Concave
19 X 9.5J112-13020 - 35 DC·UC5HSC - Standard Concave
20 X 8.5J112-130 20 - 45SC·DC5HDC - Deep Concave
20 X 10.0J112-13020 - 35 DC·UC5HUC - Ultra Concave
22 X 9.0J112-13025 - 45SC·DC5H
22 X 10.5J112-130 25 - 40 DC·UC5H